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Service Of Process Judgment Enforcement Skip Trace Specialist
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Local Statewide & National Process Service

Currently,   all   of   Docuserves   agents   are   also   licensed   Private Investigators,   so   when   you   hire   Docuserves,   you   don’t   get   a delivery   service,   you   get   highly   trained   investigators   who   have the   tenacity   to   get   the   job   done.   Utilizing   the   latest   database software,even the most elusive defendants are often located.

Prompt Process Service, skip tracing, and Judgment Enforcement

Deliver an important notice without delay. Docuserves provides reliable and prompt process serving when you require delivery for court summons, notices, or other legal paperwork. Docuserves also can skip trace a defendant with our powerful database. Have a Judgment you can’t collect , don’t know how or are unfamiliar with the laws and procedures or just too busy to spend the time and effort to get the debtor to pay up? Docuserves can enforce your money judgment and if we don’t get your money we don’t get paid. Simple as that. Fill out the case submit form for a free, prompt, no cost, no obligation evaluation of your money judgment today.